Today in class, Hitty Jean learned to tool leather and then to dye it. She watched the dye dry – just to be sure all was well.

It was the third day of classes, which is the day one starts to question their abilities and despair that their project may never turn out right. Certainly true for Hitty Jean!

Never mind…class ended and it was a dog-gone good day, as we like to say! Back at the cottage, a break to admire the high tide and then off to dinner…

We hope you had a dog-gone good day, too!

‘Til Next time…



5 thoughts on “Tuesday…

  1. What a beautiful picture! Hitty Jean seems so relaxed. I guess she is happy with her day’s work. Her abilities are great and she needs not despair! Go girls!


  2. But Hitty Jean is so meticulous and does such lovely work. My girls would have had leather dye up to their elbows and splashed all over their aprons. (Actually, my girls are so messy, they just wipe their hands on their jeans.)


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