A Wonderful Week

The Hittys have just returned from a visit with the Robertsons. Such a fun and wonderful week they had!

Hitty Jean loves air travel and always insists on having her photo taken up in the clouds:

Great Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice had much catching up to do:

The main topic of discussion this time was needlepoint. Grandma Alice is a pro and Great Aunt Doll picked her brain for tips and tricks all week long.

They even went as far as to examine some of Grandma Alice’s rugs up close. This one was made especially for the front hall of Twin Manor:

Aunt Doll spent the week stitching a checkerboard for the littlest Hittys. Hitty Belle suggested that Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow join her for a game, but they had no checkers, so other pastimes took over. There is never a lack of fun things to do at the Robertson’s:

Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Kate were delighted to see each other again. They are the best of friends and miss each other so much when they are apart:

The best news was when Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice told them that Kate would be traveling home for a visit with the Maxwell Hittys! Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Kate started packing immediately!

Now we are home again (with Kate!) and settling into our routine…looking forward to one of our favorite seasons…Autumn!

A warm and humble thank you to the Robertsons for another wonderful visit! We miss you already!

PS :: The needlepoint rug was stitched by Esther Robertson for her miniature house, Twin Manor. (More information on Twin Manor HERE. The needlepoint checkerboard was stitched by me, Martha Maxwell, with much encouragement from Esther. Photos below:

‘Til Next Time…



6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Week

  1. Beautiful works! Love the rug AND the checkerboard!!! Sounds like young and mature had a great time. Sooooo glad you could get together and play. Life is so much better with friends! Hope Hitty Kate enjoys her visit…will she get to Hartford? In any case, I know Great Aunt Doll anf the young ones will make her feel at home in no time. Good luck to all.


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