The Pie and the Pup

Great Aunt Doll has just adopted a new pup. He is a friendly little fellow and such good company. They are still getting to know each other – he seems to really enjoy scratches behind his ears:

Aunt Doll recently read that her dear friend Mamie had been making apple pie. It sure looked delicious, and pup was finally napping, so she decided to make one, too:

No sooner was the pie in the oven when Pup woke up and needed to go outside:

As soon as she opened the door, Pup ran off into the garden!

Hittys Sparrow and Kate were also outside in the garden and they quickly realized that Great Aunt Doll needed help!

Everyone ran after Pup. It was quite the wild goose chase! (Luckily they were able to catch him before anything awful happened…)

Sadly, by the time Aunt Doll remembered her apple pie, it was nothing but a few burnt nuggets in the pie pan:

Alas, maybe the bakery is still open…

‘Til Next Time…


PS :: Great Aunt Doll will remember Pup’s leash from now on…


9 thoughts on “The Pie and the Pup

  1. The little black dog is adorable and I thought that he was to live with the Elizabeth Hittys!!! However, since Aunt Dolle seems to have bonded with him I will let him remain there. Love the stove–might need one. Enjoyed the blog and like looking at all of the neat accessories in your kitchen.


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