A Letter to Hitty Kate

It is hard to say goodbye to a friend when you live so far apart.  Spending the Summer with Hitty Kate was such fun and Hitty Sparrow is missing her very much.  She has decided to write a letter to Hitty Kate – it is always fun to receive mail!  Hitty Sparrow begins with the weather – HOT!  Now it is much more seasonable.   Hitty Sparrow continues with the latest excitement….


First off, Bécassine and Aunt Doll have been fussing for days about how to properly stock the new kitchen dresser (beautifully made by Art to Play With).  Hitty Sparrow reports that Bécassine has been arguing for only French items to be stored there, as all the drawers are labeled in French!  Aunt Doll believes this to be a purely cosmetic feature, which (amusingly to Sparrow) has Bécassine in a tizzy!  Grown ups can be so funny!


Another bit of news has a (very little) bit to do with Raggedy Ann, a doll and story that is near and dear to Hitty Sparrow’s heart.  As you can see, her Raggedys are well loved:


Here is the exciting bit!!!  *Art to Play With* will be offering Hitty Jean’s books for sale at a miniature show!!!  Presently, Ima is on duty at the Book Shop and is proudly showing off Hitty Jean’s creations.  Front and center are Raggedy Ann Story books! – what fun!


In her letter, Hitty Sparrow writes that she hopes Hitty Kate can make it to the show.  It is to be held in Alexandria, Virginia, in October and is sure to be a shopping extravaganza for all Hittys, as Judy Brown and Art To Play With will both be vendors there!!!  (***More details at the end of this post!***)

Hitty Sparrow finishes her letter by sending MUCH love and heads off to the mailbox:


‘Til Next Time…


(Name change & move from Tysons Corner)
Holiday Inn & Suites Olde Towne Alexandria
625 First Street ~ Alexandria, VA 22314


10-5 P.M
Featuring Legends and Newcomers to Miniatures

Judy Brown and Art to Play With will feature their own work, as well as wonderful, Hitty-Scale items from many different miniature artists.  A wonderful opportunity to find something special for your Hittys!   More information on the show can be found HERE.



A(nother) Visit with the Robertsons

The Maxwell Hittys have returned from their visit with the Robertsons.  As with all visits with dear friends, it was over too soon.  Here are some highlights!

Great Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice were so happy to see each other again!  Ima was sure to take a photo of them:


Hitty Kate and Hitty Sparrow had the Imas sign their autograph books.  It was hard for the Imas to decide on the perfect sentiment – of course they did…eventually:


Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice wanted to try a selfie.  They did a pretty good job!  Here they are in front of Twin Manor:


Hitty Kate was eager to show Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow some of the landmarks in her hometown.  Hitty Kate told them that Zelienople has two LIONS – which is true!  The Maxwell Hittys were relieved to learn that they are lion water fountains!
The Hittys had fun exploring the lion fountain located in the park.  Hitty Jean wanted Hitty Sparrow to turn it on!  Luckily, good sense prevailed:


Of course the time to travel back home came in what felt like warp speed.  Hitty Sparrow watched to make sure the airplane was parked *just right* at the gate:


And now, all are safely home again…reminiscing about another wonderful visit to special Hitty friends…

‘Til Next Time…


Hitty Kate Robertson has spent the Summer living with the Maxwell Hittys.   This morning, Hitty Kate noticed a beautiful Scottie rug – it reminded her of home!  Of course it did, as it was made in the Robertson Hittys’ workshop:IMG_1185Hitty Kate was especially sentimental as she is preparing to travel home tomorrow!
Hitty Jean invited her to the Book Shop to get some books for her airplane trip.  Ima had offered to help carry them.  Hitty Kate loaded her up!
Later on, Hitty Kate asked Hitty Sylvie for help with the iPhone.  She wanted to text Grandma Alice about her travel plans:
Just like that, a wonderful Summer is coming to an end.  Hitty Kate is excited to go home, but sad to leave her friends.  Happily, goodbyes will be a bit delayed as many of the Maxwell Hittys will be traveling with her!
Adventure awaits!

…’Til Next Time…

A *Not Franklin* Mile Marker

Around these parts, the antique Mile Markers seen along Boston Post Road (and thereabouts) are known to many as “Franklin Mile Markers”.  This miffs some historians as Benjamin Franklin apparently had nothing to do with these historic stones.  Hitty Kate and Hitty Sparrow don’t concern themselves with such things….they just think the Mile Markers are *cool!*  Here they are on a lovely Summer Morning:


They are a bit excited, as they have discovered another Mile Marker, this one dated to 1767:


Hitty Kate is a little bit sad that the font on this stone is missing the Long S.  Hitty Sparrow reminds her that these stones are like Hittys – handmade and unique!


What is better than a New England Summer Morning?


A New England Summer Morning shared with a Friend!


‘Til Next Time…

Garlic (?) and Ice Cider

Great Aunt Doll arrived in Canada just in time for wine time with Mamie!  Mamie was telling her about a new French story she is planning to read – these two friends love to discuss a good book!


Mamie wanted the Hittys to help prepare dinner.  Some were more eager than others, but at least they all now know what a head of garlic looks like!  Mamie is a wonderful cook!  Her kitchen is always well stocked and she prepares the most delicious meals with fresh and simple ingredients:


After a delicious dinner and a good night’s sleep, it was off to Domaine Pinnacle to sample and purchase some Ice Cider.  Mamie and Aunt Doll found the samples to be a *bit* large but that didn’t stop them:


The views from the terrace were stunning.  Here is an attempt at a group photo:


Mamie is telling everyone to “…look at the camera!”  Great Aunt Doll looked away just as the photo was taken, attempting to give *someone* a stern look.  In the back row (from left to right) Hitty Sparrow was thrilled to be having her photo taken.  Hitty Faye was a bit chilly and wanted to get back in the car.  Hitty Maude was complaining that she was blocked by Mamie’s head.  Hitty Kate was trying to ask Mamie a question about the Ice Cider.  Hitty Elizabeth was feeling peckish and wishing her French was better.  This is how it always seems to go with group photos!

‘Til Next Time…

Traveling Through Vermont

Hitty Sparrow and her friend, Hitty Kate, rode a long way yesterday.  Up through Vermont they traveled, getting lost and at the same time finding a covered bridge!  Of course they insisted on getting out to have their picture taken:


Hitty Kate loved the sign on the bridge and lamented about not having a horse.  Great Aunt Doll (who stayed in the car) declared that she certainly was glad they were NOT traveling all day on horseback!  Being lost in a car with GPS and modern technology is one thing…



The day’s adventures included lunch with family and two more covered bridge crossings.  It was a long trip up, up, up through Vermont and into Canada!!!!  Adventure awaits!

‘Til Next Time…

Hitty’s Book Bindery and Shop



Welcome to Hitty’s Book Bindery and Shop!  It is the Grand Opening today!  As you may remember, Hitty Jean attended the IGMA Guild School this past June to learn about making books.  ( Click HERE to revisit one of the posts from her adventure…)  She has been determined to master this skill! Taking a Summer Internship at the local Book Bindery was a logical next step.  So welcome in!!!  Have a browse!  There is lots to see!

Hitty Jean will just step into the back room for a moment to fetch something you may enjoy:


Here it is:


It is a journal, complete with bookmark, just for Hitty!!!  The pages are blank, except for one *special* page which has a secret message on it written especially for YOU by Hitty Jean.  Would you prefer a different style?


You are in luck!!!  Hitty Jean has made six!  All are the same inside, but the outsides are slightly different as you can see:




Thank you for coming by….and please visit again!

‘Til Next Time…

PS – If you have made it this far….the funny thing on the counter of the shop is a sewing frame for binding books, made by Tine Krijnen…another thing for Hitty Jean to master.  The shop itself (a thing of beauty!!!) was made by Art to Play With.  The title shields you see on the six books were created by Ann Vanture of Paper Minis.