Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 6/2018

morning :: a break outside the classroom building


afternoon :: hungry hittys!  what is in Great Aunt Doll’s picnic basket?!


evening :: we have graduated!


It has been a fun and busy week here at IGMA Guild School!  Hitty Jean has been delighted to learn new skills and all the Hittys hope you have enjoyed our daily updates from Maine!

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Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 5/2018




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Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 4/2018

Morning :: Waving Hitty Jean Off


Afternoon :: Weaving Is Hard Work


Evening :: Sunset Sail


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Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 3/2018

morning :: setting up the chairs


afternoon :: lupin by the sea


evening :: a storm is blowing in


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Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 2/2018




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Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 1/2018




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We’re Here!

Hitty Joannie is saying, “Hello!” from Castine, Maine!  Hitty Jean will be taking classes at the IGMA Guild School while Hittys Joannie and Sparrow (along with Great Aunt Doll) relax and explore.  We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you as we learn and play!


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The Hittys have just returned from their annual trip to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, for the Miniature Show.  What a wonderful time was had by all!!!

The Hittys have made this trip many times now and thought they knew all there was to know about the area…until they got lost and happened upon this abandoned house.  Of course they had to explore!





Hitty Jean was pretty certain that exploring the inside of the building would be a thrill.  This adventure ended with a stern lecture from Mamie about trespassing and the dangers posed by old abandoned buildings.  Needless to say, the inside was not viewed by the Hittys, except from safely outside!

Our Sturbridge trips never happen without our annual “Tablecloth Pinnys” – made by our dear friend and keeper of the Robertson Hittys.  This year’s pinny was adorable and all the Hittys wore them proudly.  “Eyes up, Hitty Maude!!!”

Sturbridge Tablecloth Pinnys 2018

Great Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice were thrilled with this year’s show.  So many wonderful things to see and buy, it is very difficult to stay within budget!   The artisan breads on offer this year were “Oh, la la!”  And that tiny painted box with the tiniest of Bécassines inside!  Oh, my!  The box was painted with a Bécassine theme and so gorgeous!  (links will take you to the artist’s information.)


As is the case every year, the Hittys awaiting adoption were looking somewhat nervous.  Great Aunt Doll was sure to stop by and offer them words of encouragement.  All Hitty owners are kind and caring, as we well know!


We are home now and exhausted but happy…an extra nap is needed and the laundry is tumbling away.  In less than a week, Hitty Jean and her friends will be on their way to Castine for Guild School!  We can’t wait to learn new things!!!

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A Showcase for Hittys

It’s time to put the kettle on and take some time to browse a gorgeous new site especially devoted to Hitty!

Click HERE and prepare to be amazed!

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PS-We will be attending the Sturbridge Miniature Show this weekend! Find so many wonderful items for Hitty at Judy Brown and Art To Play With’s booths! Click HERE for more information.

It is Always Fun to Visit the Robertsons!

Oh, My!  What a fun visit we have just had with the Robertsons!  Projects!  Adventure!  Friendship!

Hitty Colleen and Hitty Jean jumped right in, creating roomboxes from kits their friend Hitty Moonbeam had given them.  (Thank You!)  They turned out well, and the Hittys all agreed they would like to make more.  They couldn’t decide which turned out cuter…the Tea Shop or the Bakery!


Great Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice had plans to sew the Tea Party Pinny – a perennial favorite among the Hittys.   Fabric selection was discussed and in the end a charming floral was agreed upon:


Meanwhile….Hitty Kate brought Hitty Sparrow along to school!!!  Hitty Sparrow was a bit nervous and was relieved that the desk next to Hitty Kate was available.  Miss Wisdom began the day with a History and Geography review.  (Hitty Sparrow found herself daydreaming from time to time…watching the birds out the window.  Paying attention is hard work!)


Imagine Hitty Sparrow’s relief when she was NOT called upon to solve math problems on the board!  Hitty Colleen was more than happy to show her work:


Back at the Hitty House, Hitty Helen and Ida Belle were having a Teddy Bear Tea.  Of course, Ida Belle wanted her’s to be the BIGGEST teddy bear!


Great Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice had finished a pinny by the time school was finished.  (thread and fabric scraps everywhere!)  Hitty Kate happily modeled while they debated its length (too long).  There was much oohing and aahing over its sweetness:


Such a productive day!  In the late afternoon, as they gathered in the kitchen, the Hittys were a bit peckish yet excited to share their stories from the day.  Someone had had the clever idea to pick up some donuts on the way home.  A welcome treat!


The Hittys lamented, as they always do, that their visit had gone by in a jiffy and was over all too soon.  The Maxwell Hittys are home once again, and all are settling into their daily routines, dreaming of adventures to come.

Thank You for a Wonderful Visit!

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P.S.- The Tea Party Pinny pattern can be found in Hitty’s Wardrobe Set #3 from Gail Wilson.  Click HERE to purchase.

P.P.S.- 1/144 scale roomboxes in kit form are available.  Click HERE to visit the site and browse the kits.
Email  for ordering information.