So Much To Do!

Hitty Jean and Hitty Judy want to bake…Bécassine wants to read the Christmas cards: The pre-Christmas bustle has begun!

‘Til Next Time…


14 thoughts on “So Much To Do!

  1. Couldn’t have said it better!!!! Thank you Hitty Jean for spreading the joy of Christmas! Hitty hugs and happy, merry times to all!


  2. Hitty Jean is certainly dressed appropriately – gingerbread cookie dress and Christmas tree pinny!

    Are the cards addressed to Becassine are in French?????

    Have a good day and make progress toward the 25th!!!!!



  3. Just happened to pass by Hitty’s wardrobe room…. and see someone going through the Christmas dresses … looks like the Brown’s House Hittys are getting into the preparing for Christmas.


  4. What a wonderful scene…the details are marvelous. Your ladies are the very picture of Christmas. Delightful. I am especially fond of that Christmas china!


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