The Sturbridge Miniatures Festival 2019

It’s hard to believe another Sturbridge gathering has come and gone. We had such a wonderful time with our Hitty friends who arrived from all over the USA and Canada. The Robertson Hittys gifted us with our annual “Tablecloth Pinnys” which are made from tablecloths gifted to us from the restaurant where we go to lunch every year. We take a group photo every year after lunch:

Great Aunt Doll was *supposed* to be directing the photo-taking, but she got a bit distracted:

Dinner was at the Publick House – wonderful as always. Hitty Jean likes to imagine a time when meals were cooked in the fireplace:

Great Aunt Doll and Mamie had lots of catching up to do:

Then came the highlight of the weekend…the Sturbridge Miniatures Festival! Hitty Jean And Ima were captivated by the house on display at Art to Play With’s table. Ima felt so fancy up on the balcony in her new pinny, beautifully hand sewn by the talented Quimper Hittys.

There is always so much to see at this wonderful Miniatures show. A particular favorite was Marie W Evans’ table. Her creations are so meticulously and lovingly made. (Marie is very sweet, too!)

Ima was only persuaded to leave when she found out that Marie has an Etsy Shop she can browse at her leisure.

And now, we are back on the road again. This time in Maine, at the IGMA Guild School in Castine, where Hitty Jean is learning more about miniature bookbinding. The first Castine sunset did not disappoint!

‘Til Next Time…



A Little Trouble, A Lot of Fun

It has been almost two weeks since the Maxwell Hittys traveled to visit the Robertsons. Time does fly!

This time, Hitty Sparrow and Ima Robertson we’re making models. (Hitty Kate wanted to help, too!) A puppet theatre for Sparrow and a news stand for Ima. Painting was a messy affair:

Grandma Alice was not impressed! Hitty Kate wasn’t wearing a smock (oops! Off to find one!) and Hitty Sparrow certainly needed to be a bit more careful with the paint. Grandma Alice mostly wanted to be sure they cleaned up when they had finished. (They cleaned up thoroughly so that they would not get into more trouble! Grandma Alice is no fun when she is cross!)

After finishing, it was such fun to take turns with the puppet theatre! Ima Maxwell put on a lively production:

Hitty Judy and Hitty Colleen admired all the detail in Ima Robertson’s News Stand:

Hitty Colleen had a surprise for Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Judy. It was a gingerbread stand! The gingerbread smelled wonderful and tasted delicious! What a fun treat! (I spy a hedgehog who wants some too!)

The Maxwell Hittys brought a set of Raggedy Ann stories for the Robertson Hittys to enjoy. Ima Robertson had never read them before and was particularly taken with adventurous Raggedy Ann. “Wait until you read about the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees!”

Ima found a special place for the books on the book shelf. She will be sure to read them over and over again:

And so…another visit to the Robertson Hittys was over in a flash. It was hard to say goodbye, but we will see each other again soon…at the Sturbridge Miniatures Show! Yippee!

‘Til Next Time…


PS – For information on the 2019 Sturbridge show, please click HERE.

Judy Brown and Art to Play With Hitty will again be selling wonderful Miniatures for Hitty!

A selection of my miniature books will be available as well! Hooray!

Hope to see you there!

When Mamie was Unwell

Mamie wasn’t feeling well, so Great Aunt Doll went to help. Having a friend who cares can be the best medicine! They shared news of friends from afar:

Aunt Doll warmed up the bed so Mamie could rest a while:

Then Aunt Doll made herself busy making some nourishing soup. Surely that would help Mamie to feel better!

True, the soup was delicious…..but the favorite cure-all at Mamie’s house is a glass of Baileys! Aunt Doll agreed it was worth a try:

(Chocolate helps too!)

Happily, Mamie was not gravely ill and soon felt much better.

Was it the soup? Or the Baileys? Or perhaps the tlc from a close friend?

‘Til next time…


PS- Spider!


Do you ever have days when things feel out of sorts? You just can’t seem to settle in and things just feel out of focus and unsettled? Hitty Sparrow is having one of those days.

Here comes Hitty Judy! She is planning to read to Penny and the Teddy Bears.

“Would you like to join us?”

It is Hitty Sparrow’s favorite book!

Quickly she runs to the kitchen to ask Great Aunt Doll for a snack to share while Hitty Judy reads. She says a quick “Hello!” to Aunt Doll’s bird:

Then off to listen while Hitty Judy reads aloud. Hitty Sparrow invites Penny to sit on her lap:

And now…Hitty Sparrow can’t even remember feeling out of sorts. What a nice friend Hitty Judy is! We hope everyone is lucky enough to have a thoughtful friend like her ♥️

‘Til Next Time…


PS – Great Aunt Doll is baking something for the Hittys! Yum!

PPS – Many of the books in the post are available in our Etsy Store. You can find the link at the top of this page ♥️ or click HERE.  Yippee!

Winter Wonderland

Great Aunt Doll, Ima and Hitty Sparrow enjoyed the most festive visit – way up north in Canada, where life is lived in a snow globe this time of year and all is truly “Merry and Bright.” It was a snowy drive:

The mountains became increasingly beautiful. Hitty Sparrow insisted on a photo during a rest stop and no wonder! It all looked so festive – a magical, snow-filled landscape:

Finally, they arrived at their destination! Ima and Hitty Sparrow were told to watch out the window, for each afternoon *something* happens. They watched and watched, all the while trying to guess what on Earth this *something”*could be!?! Santa’s sleigh? An elf? More Hittys visiting?

Then –  more magic!  Slowly, from the woods, a deer family walked up the hill and had a snack right outside the window!!!

Indoors, the Globensky Hittys had started decorating for Christmas. Ima admired the dolls and toys under the tabletop tree while Hitty Maude pointed out her favorite – the Christmas village on the mantle:

Hitty Sparrow enjoyed adding some special decorations to the display:

True to character, she lost interest in helping when she found a tin of Mamie’s holiday biscuits! Tea break!

In the kitchen, Mamie and Aunt Doll toasted a successful holiday baking session with some port:

Later, they took their libations outdoors while they watched Ima and Hitty Sparrow skating. The young ones were very entertaining as they scooted around, unsure on their wobbly pegs. Skating is harder than it looks!

All visits with Hitty Friends are too short (no matter how long) and the Hittys soon had to say their Goodbyes. Ima and Hitty Sparrow sang Christmas carols the entire drive home, as the landscape changed and the snow disappeared behind them.

Now that she is home again, Great Aunt Doll is feeling inspired to begin her holiday decorating:

The tree is a good start….perhaps a quick holiday tea break and she will finish…

We hope our Hitty Friends everywhere are finding joy in this festive season!

‘Til Next Time…

Good Morning!

Ima wanted to say, “Hello!”

‘T’il Next Time…


Autumn Festivities


Yesterday, Hitty Sparrow was treated to a day of Autumn delights in New Hampshire!  First stop was a visit to a family farm and market, Moulton Farm.  (Cider Donuts – yum!)  What a festive atmosphere!


Hitty Sparrow had heard there was snow that morning….and she was able to find a tiny bit that hadn’t yet melted:


Then, off to the station…


A complete turkey dinner was served, while Hitty Sparrow enjoyed views of Lake Winnipesaukee and a bit of Fall color on the mountains:

Goodness me!  She isn’t certain….but Hitty Sparrow *thinks* Santa Claus may have been enjoying the train ride as well!  (Can you spot him?!?)



Meanwhile, at the Book Bindery, Hitty Jean has been assembling a book of Potions and Incantations – she is hoping to make a cover today.  It is very satifying to be the one to add unique details to a book cover.  Another copy is on the store shelves, so Hitty Jean will take it down for reference.  (Always helpful when you are a book binder!)



Sylvie wandered through the garden to see what the frost had done and she came upon a scarecrow!  Judging by the crow perched on its arm, it is not so scary!


We hope you are enjoying all the wonders that Autumn brings!

‘Til Next Time…

PS – Plenty of books in stock at the Hitty Shop!