Bermuda Part 4 :: Something Cool

The Americas Cup is coming to Bermuda in 2017!  Americas Cup Fever has taken over the island!  Hitty Jean was able to see the American sailboat, below, and also in the water practicing. But that’s not all!Hitty Jean actually saw the American team! She was too slow to have her photo taken with them, but she paparazzi-ed them through the trees so you can see them, too!  Please click to enlarge the picture…‘Til Next Time…


Bermuda, Part 3 :: Towel Animals

So many towel animals came to visit the Hittys in their cabin!  Hitty Jean had met some before, but this was all new to Hitty Sparrow. It was all so exciting!

Are you a fish?Hitty Sparrow poses with Hitty Elizabeth and a penguin:Crab!!!Elephant:The favorite of all…a shy mouse:‘Til Next Time…


Bermuda, Part 2

Hitty Jean went to the Spicelands Equestrian Center in Bermuda:She got on a horse:And she rode the whole way to the beach:Later on, Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow spent some time together on another beach:Hitty Jean simply could not resist the water, so she went for a quick paddle! Floating is easy when you are wooden:Here she is at a cove where the humans were snorkeling. It was so beautiful!Hitty Jean took the ferry into Hamilton, the Capital of Bermuda. Can you see her?Here is a closeup…It is always important to mind your manners in Bermuda. Bermudians take things such as manners very seriously. Hitty Jean tried to be very polite and proper on the ferry:Front Street in Hamilton is one of Hitty Jean’s most favorite places on Earth:The stores are all so quaint, and there are many beautiful mosaics:The view across the harbor is quintessential Bermuda-can you guess which house is Hitty Jean’s favorite?Hitty Jean hated to sail away from her beloved Bermuda, but needs must. All too soon it was time to be back aboard and off the ship went, into the sunset towards home…‘Til Next Time…


P.S.- Come back soon for towel animals!!!!!

A Visit to Bermuda

Hitty Jean took her new friend, Hitty Sparrow, on a cruise to Bermuda!  Hitty Jean has cruised to Bermuda before and was delighted to have an enthusiastic *Cruise Buddy* along this time. (Remember when Bécassine came along? NOT a success…). Here they are at the port in New York City:From the dining room, they could see the aircraft carrier Intrepid. Surviving five kamikaze attacks and a strike from a torpedo – all in World War Two – the Intrepid is now the focus of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Hitty Sparrow liked the looks of the Concorde, but Hitty Jean explained why they had been retired. Hitty Sparrow decided that it looked rather frightening after all:They set sail and were delighted to see the Statue of Liberty:They sailed through the harbor…
…and out to sea:They spent two days at sea on their way to Bermuda. They learned the difference between “Whiskey” and “Whisky” – do you know?  It is spelled with an “e” only if the country it originates from has an “e” in its name.They saw the Cirque de Soleil and made some new friends. (Hi, friends!). Here is Hitty Jean before the show. It was a Jungle themed performance and was spectacular!The morning after the second at-sea day…..

“Land Ho!”Hitty Sparrow couldn’t take her eyes off the Pilot Ship that guided them safely into the harbor. Original Hitty certainly didn’t experience this in her whaling ship days…Hittys Jean and Sparrow had wonderful adventures in Bermuda…but to read those tales, you will have to wait…

‘Til Next Time…


A Visit in Sturbridge 

Gathering in Sturbridge has become an annual event, and Hitty Jean couldn’t be happier!  What could be better than dear friends, good food, and an abundance of miniatures ?!  Well, let us start at the beginning:

Can you see how excited Hitty Jean is?  Lunch at Soup to Nuts has become a tradition. Lots of chatter and delicious food. Here is Dallas – she had just returned from a train journey across Canada!  (If you look closely, you may be able to see that she is still holding her passport.)

Another tradition is wearing the *Tablecloth Pinnys*.  (You may remember them from last year.)  Everyone, look at the camera!  

Hitty Jean made a new friend, and together they shopped at the Miniatures Show:

There was so much to see!  A farmer was selling vegetables:

They had a ball playing in a gazebo:

Hitty Jean spent a ridiculously long time looking at all the yarn on offer. Her new friend did not seem to see the allure, but hopefully she will learn!

There were several Hittys at the show hoping to go home with a new Hitty family. How exciting for them!  Hugs were given and goodbyes said as the Hittys went their separate ways:

And now, Hitty Jean and her new friend are home. It is time for some Spring cleaning at the Maxwell Hitty House…Back to the everyday until the next adventure!

‘Til Next time…

But wait!  There is a P.S.- And a game!

Here is some information about the items in the photos:

The Vegetable Stand, Gazebo and Yarn Store were made by Art to Play With.

The Hitty in the Green dress and Hitty Jean’s new friend were carved by Judy Brown. 

The Farmer was made by Judy Mullins. 

The needle-pointed chair was made by Roy Bubbenmoyer. 

You can find out more about these Artists at Hitty’s Place

A hug and thank you to the Robertson Hittys for our tablecloth pinnys. 

And a game!  In “Where’s Waldo” fashion….how many Hittys can you recognize in our group photo?

Feel free to tap it to see a larger version…and HAVE FUN!

And now…Hitty Jean is saying, “Goodbye!”

‘Til Next Time…



The kettle has just been put on…would anyone care for some tea? ‘Til Next Time…


Christmas Village

Bécassine lifts Penny for a better view: ‘Til Next Time…



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