Muscari :: Grape Hyacinth

Ida Belle is visiting Aunt Doll today. Aunt Doll is eager to show her the beautiful Muscari she has forced:

Ida Belle ( who is from Texas and likes things to be BIG ) is not impressed. “Come see my Muscari, Aunt Doll!”  They are huge!

Aunt Doll is speechless. Ida Belle gives her a smile and trots off to find someone else to impress.  

“See you later, Aunt Doll!”

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Cozy Sunday

  A quiet afternoon spent playing with the peg woodens at Hitty Jenny’s house.  “It is such a chilly day today, Hitty Jean. Maybe we should search for some blankets for the dolls. I think we can find some in the play room.” 

 What  a fun time they have had playing with ALL of Hitty Jenny’s toys!  I do hope they remember to tidy up when they have finished. 

*And they did find a blanket…can you find the dollies all tucked up in the jumble?

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Cabin fever has hit hard! Hitty Jean and Furry decide to make a break for it:


A Visit With The Robertsons

Hitty Jean has just returned from visiting her friends, the Robertson Hittys.  Such a fun, busy time!  Ima Maxwell and Ima Robertson spent most of the week pretending they were twins.
They even found two dresses exactly alike – they had a terrific time:

left out

Hitty Jean and HittyBelle spent much of the time outdoors with the other Hittys – the weather was so perfectly crisp and clear it was hard to stay indoors.  However, one day it rained and the two Hittys played with the Baby House for hours on end.  In fact, Hitty Robertson had to come find them – she had been calling them to dinner for the past ten minutes!

baby house

There are no friends better than Hitty friends, and it was hard to leave, but Hitty Jean is safely home again.
You can read much more about the visit in Hitty Robertson’s Journal.

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Where On Earth Is Hitty Jean?

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Hello Again!

We hope all of you in the US are enjoying your Labor Day! Hitty Jean is knitting away on some more shawls. Silly, because it is 90 degrees and so very humid outside! But indeed she is happily knitting away, indoors, in the air conditioning.
Hitty Jean has asked Aunt Doll to do the honors of revealing the winners of our Lonely Tree Shawl giveaway. She also enlisted the help of some silly hen shawl models, who were delighted to help, (à la Jemima Puddleduck.)
Have you peeked yet? Enough jibber jabber….
….without further ado, the winners are




Hitty Jean says, “We’re ALL winners!!!” And that is true, because we all share in the special joy of Hitty and all that goes along with her!
(Erin and Billie, if you could please send me your addresses, your shawls will be on their way…)
ps – Hitty Jean promises that no one told those proud hens how silly they looked in the shawls. Their self confidence remains intact!

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Hitty Jean is Lonely

Hitty Jean was checking in with her friends the Quimper Hittys earlier this Summer. What they were up to – Hitty Rose in particular – was so inspiring that Hitty Jean has spent the better part of August doing the exact same thing. Knitting the Lonely Tree shawl over and over (and over) again. What a beautiful shawl it makes! Here are Hitty Jean’s results:

While she is pleased as punch with all her shawls, Hitty Jean does wish she had pulled her eyes away from the yarn basket for just a minute. For, over on Hittys Knittys, all her friends were inspired and knitting the same shawls! Silly Hitty Jean did look for company from time-to-time. But Beatrix Mouse doesn’t talk much:

So, Hitty Jean just kept on knitting. Alone. All month. Sometimes, she daydreamed that her friends were knitting with her:

They were! How did she find out? Well, Hitty Delphie finally told Hitty Jean about all the excitement over at Hittys Knittys. What Fun!
Hitty Jean wants to have fun too!! With other Hittys, that is….sooooo….there are a couple extra Lonely Tree shawls here, all blocked and ready for a Hitty to wear. Just leave us a comment and in a couple days we will draw two random names from the list. Autumn is fast approaching!

P.S.-all credit for the shawl, the pattern for the shawl and other fun stuff can be found by clicking on the links in this post. Hittys Knittys is a Yahoo group of kindred spirits who enjoy the needle arts AND Hitty.

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