Christmas is Coming…

Hitty Kalyna is working at the Book Shop today.  A mailbox, especially for Santa, has mysteriously appeared on the counter!!!


Hitty March can’t wait to tell Hitty Sparrow about this new development!!  They decide then and there to get busy with their Christmas letters!!!


Hitty Kalyna isn’t the only one working today…Hitty Jean has been at the Christmas Market Stand selling festive wares:


So much to choose from!  Does your Hitty need a book?  We have plenty still for sale at our Etsy shop.  (A few new Raggedy Ann books will be added soon, when Hitty Jean has some time off from the Market Stand…)

In other news….Ellen & Pink have had a special “Guest” in their episodes the past two weeks!  Imagine Hitty Jean’s delight to see one of her books as the star!  Click HERE to see!

We love this joyful, festive and sentimental time of year!

‘Til Next Time…


A Beautiful Sail Home

The Hittys always meet some fun towel friends on the ship! *Froggy* was a favorite this time around.  He was kind enough to let them sit on his back so they could see the ocean:


Isn’t it beautiful?!


No matter what time of day…always beautiful:


A special rainbow at sea:


In the wee hours of Friday morning, the Hittys were able to see the ship sail back into Boston Harbor.  It was a twinkly sight, just before sunrise:


The ship had docked by the time the sun came up – “Good Morning, Boston!”


A last cup of tea was enjoyed on the balcony:


The Hittys are safely home with wonderful memories of their trip – and looking forward to their next adventure!  Oh, my, but Hittys do love Adventure!

‘Til Next Time…

Scaring Up Some Fun! (On Halloween)

The fun thing about cruising during a holiday is that the cruise staff goes all-out to celebrate!  Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Elizabeth equally enjoyed and feared the Jack O’Lanterns displayed at the buffet:







There was a display table that the chefs were especially proud of – it took them all day to create!  Again….the Hittys were not sure – should they be captivated – or spooked!?


One thing was for certain….the Halloween tea time treats were scary – and delicious!



(Sadly…that boat behind Hitty Elizabeth is the pilot ship…escorting us out of the harbor…)

‘Til Next Time…

All Things British in Bermuda!

Can you see what was going up while Hitty Sparrow was in Bermuda?!  Christmas Decorations!!!  Yippee!!!


Bermuda is an Overseas British Territory…they drive on the left…they have British accents…and many shops specialize in British imports:


Did you see Hitty Elizabeth and Hitty Sparrow up there…they are standing on the old cobblestones feeling rather quaint…
The mailboxes are just like those you would find in England:


The Hittys were THRILLED to shop at Marks & Spencer, a favorite British shop:


Hitty Elizabeth thought Great Aunt Doll might get a kick out of these “On the Go” wine glasses.  Unfortunately for Aunt Doll, the Hittys are too young to buy wine:


Sadly….this yarn shop was closed:


Lunch was enjoyed on a balcony overlooking Hamilton and the water:


Such a beautiful view, enjoyed daily by Bermudians:


The Hittys were told that special British rotisserie chickens are flown in weekly on British Airways!!!
Hitty Sparrow had fun picking out all her favorite British goods, and played show and tell when she got back to the ship…what fun!


Things took a turn towards *Scary* though….because the Hittys were at sea on Halloween!!!  That’s a story for another day…

‘Til Next Time…


Where on Earth *WAS* Hitty Sparrow?

The Hittys made it to their destination!  Oh, my…that water!  Hitty Sparrow is always amazed at the size of the ship:


And here is the view the other way:


Here are some Wild Chickens….In fact, Hitty Sparrow though this Momma Hen and her babies were quite possibly the prettiest she had ever seen.  Their cuteness factor was likely helped by the fact that they were not shy:



What fun to pick out just the right souvenirs for family…Some had made special requests, others wanted to be surprised…All good!


If only they could have brought home one of those precious chicks!

‘Til Next Time…

PS-We hope you have some time to visit our Hitty Shop on Etsy!

Sailing Away on the Ocean Blue!


It was a beautiful day to drive into Boston!  Also an exciting day because Hitty Sparrow and her friend, Hitty Elizabeth, were going on a cruise!!!

Once settled in their state room, Hitty Sparrow greatly enjoyed watching all the loading and unloading going on waaaaay down below:


Even more enjoyable was sitting on the deck chairs the following morning, watching the ocean.  Hitty Sparrow wanted to know how far away the horizon is….Hitty Elizabeth did not know.  The sky was ever-changing:


Lunch was enjoyed in the dining room on the first day at sea:


Hitty Elizabeth even made a new friend!  HELLO, Emelinda!  Emelinda is one of the nicest Maître d’s you could ever meet.  She hails all the way from the Philippines:


Sunset at sea – it just kept getting prettier:

What fun to Sail the Ocean Blue….
Where on Earth did Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Elizabeth go?
And how far away is the horizon!?!

‘Til Next Time…

P.S.- The Hitty Shop is OPEN!!!
P.P.S. – For an observer on the ground with eye level at h = 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m), the horizon is at a distance of 2.9 miles (4.7 km).  (Quoted from the Internet, so it MUST be true!!!)

Where Hitty Sparrow Takes A Last Minute Vacation


Hitty Jean is unable to travel – So Hitty Sparrow quickly dressed in the travel attire that had been put aside for her.  No worries….Hitty Jean is a pleasant Hitty and there are no bad feelings whatsoever.  Hitty Sparrow will leave tomorrow for *Parts Unknown* and quite possibly will be without internet for the next week.

A Hitty Shop update is planned for Monday, November 6th!

‘Til Next Time…