A Beautiful Box

Hitty Jean received the most beautiful gift from our needlepoint finisher, Maryse!

A box for traveling! A finished needlepoint or cross-stitch can be used in the creation of these beautiful boxes and they can be any size. Maryse is a master at the art of cartonnage and needlework finishing.

Here is the inside:

There is just enough room underneath the removable tray for Hitty Jean to lay down:

Thank you, Maryse, for all the beautiful needlepoint finishing you have done over the past year…and for this wonderful piece of functional art. Hitty Jean can’t wait for adventures to begin again!

‘Til Next Time ♥️♥️♥️

PS-Feel free to zoom in on the photos. Our messy work table is full of in-progress projects.

PPS-We have missed our Hitty Friends so much this past pandemic year. We do hope this post finds you safe and well. Photos are posted regularly to Instagram. You can see them in the blog’s sidebar or follow us directly on Instagram @hittyjean



10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Box

  1. What a wonderful way to travel….. wishing right now for one so pretty and comfortable…hmmm poorly thought out.. I think Hitty Jean will be eager now to get on the road !!! love your work table too we all, I think have special containers reused for our tools …


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