Hitty Hoopla!

Hitty Jean had a wonderful adventure in Maine!

It was a raw morning, but Hitty Jean had been anticipating the Hitty Hoopla on Great Cranberry Island for months and months – no rain could dampen her spirits!  Hitty Jean knows about weather *Down East* and so she had come prepared.  Her raincoat served her well that day!
What a thrill to be back on the dock on Great Cranberry Island!  The view of Mt. Desert was stunning:

First on the agenda was a Garden Tour!!  “Jan’s Garden” is just to the left as you begin to walk the main road.  She has been gardening here since 1971 – this garden is part of the Archives of American Gardens of the Smithsonian Institute:

The next garden on the tour is a family affair.  Dennis and Kathy, along with their two sons, grow flowers, fruits and vegetables galore.  Hitty Jean’s favorites were the Alpine Strawberries.  Perfectly Hitty-sized and perfectly delicious!!

Up next was a tour inside the Preble House!!  Hitty Jean had seen the house from the outside several years ago.  To go in was such a treat!  Here she is on the mantle in the Preble Parlor!  Why, Hitty Preble was placed there when Phoebe was forbidden to play with her!

There is a Grandfather Clock in the hallway:

It was the Parlor, though, where most of the indoor activity takes place in the Hitty book, and that is the room where Hitty Jean’s imagination was most inspired – why, Hitty was carved right here!!  Hitty Jean was lost in thought for a spell:

Out back, Hitty Jean was able to take in the view of Preble Cove:

The front of the Preble House:

Then it was off to the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society – Hittys have their own special entrance:

Inside, the Preble silver and other items are on display:

Hitty Jean and her friends had a wonderful time pretending to set sail:

(Can you see them?!  As always, you may click on the photos for a larger view.)
On a more serious note, Hitty Jean stopped by the Meeting House for some quiet reflection:

The rain had begun again in earnest, and it was time to head home, but not before a look at the Pool.  Hitty Jean’s tour guide, Pablo, was wonderfully gracious and delightfully interested in Hitty.  He was all too happy to point out places of interest on the island.  Pablo drove Hitty Jean to where the view of the Pool would be the best.  It did not disappoint:

Alas, that is all of Hitty Jean’s Hitty Hoopla adventure.  It began to rain sideways, causing her to scurry into a cosy bag and she steadfastly refused to pose for any more photos!  To read her previous adventures on Great Cranberry Island, click here.

‘Til Next Time…


6 thoughts on “Hitty Hoopla!

  1. Hitty Jean, you’re the bee’s knees. In ANY of your incarnations! We Horse Prairie Hittys eagerly look forward to your adventures….have more soon, please! And give Martha a big peg hug from us all. Love from Montana….
    PS: Hey! Don’t you need to come have an adventure in the Wild West? We have room in the four-poster for you….and there’s even a spare chamber pot!


  2. How grand to see the actual places we’ve all read about so many times in the book.Your photos are all so beautiful and your words…eloquent.
    I loved everything so much and I thank you for taking the time on your adventure to chronicle it for us all to enjoy!
    (I could just squeeze Hitty Jean to pieces, she’s so precious,LOL!)
    Love and hugs always….


  3. Martha the photos and Hitty Jean’s story are wonderful, you captured many details of the day. It was a lovely event, I’m glad to have been a part of it. Sue G and The Northeast Hittys in Maine


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