Kansas City, Part IV

photo (27)
One thing Hitty Jean had been looking forward to very much was a planned visit to the Arabia Steamboat Museum. There she is, up there, at the farmer’s market that takes place every Saturday just outside the Museum doors…It was a beautiful day! Having read a book written by one of the treasure-hunters who found the Steamboat, Hitty Jean was very much looking forward to seeing the collection in person!

photo (36)

Do you know about the Steamboat Arabia? It is an incredible story of a Steamboat that met its end, sinking on the Missouri River in 1856. As the river changed course over the years, the Steamboat ended up buried in silt under a cornfield!!! It was discovered and excavated and now its story and its cargo is on display for the world to see. What a gift – a perfect time capsule. Why, they even found hanks of yarn in perfect condition! Hitty Jean hopes this is as exciting for you as it is for her, and if you are interested in more details, this book is a great read (it has photographs, too!)
Without further ado, here are some of its treasures:

Buttons!! Pioneers needed buttons!

photo (29)
This jug was one of Hitty Jean’s favorites:

photo (32)
A Frozen Charlotte was found in the toe of a sock….perhaps destined for a child on the prairie? Now she stands among jewelry and other treasures:

photo (31)
The Museum is like visiting an 1850 Prairie Town’s General Store:

photo (34) photo (35)
It was mesmerizing, to say the least! Hitty Jean was thrilled to be able to purchase her own Frozen Charlotte at the Museum Shop. She will treasure her!

Onto the evening, and dinner….
Well. Hittys can only visit so many museums and such, while being expected to be on their best behaviour! When they arrived at their friend’s house, they remembered Hitty Jean posing on the mantle the night before and they ALL wanted to do it! There must have been twenty-five Hittys on that mantle!! Some got very silly and sat waaaay up high on the top of the tallest candlesticks:

photo (28) photo (47) photo (48)
Of course Hitty Colleen was one of the “Way Up High” Hittys….do you recognize any others?

Hitty Jean and Hitty Robertson took this time to catch up:

photo (38)
Dinner was absolutely wonderful, with many courses and many different wines and cordials to go along…In fact, dessert was truly a “Happy Ending” as Hitty Jean noticed that the ice cream was smiling at her! (Can you see it, too? Or maybe it was all the wine…)

photo (46)
Sadly, time in Kansas City was running out, and before she knew it, Hitty Jean and her friends were back on the airplane…time to head home to Boston:

photo (44)
The cookies on the plane were pretty darn good – but a bit much for one Hitty to handle alone:

photo (43)
The pretzels were a better size:

photo (45)
What a wonderful trip!!! We hope you have had *almost* as much fun reading about it here!
Hitty Jean would love to visit Kansas City, Missouri again…someday…
Thank you, friends, for a memorable and truly enjoyable time! XOXO

‘Til Next Time…

5 thoughts on “Kansas City, Part IV

  1. I not only see a smile, I see a wink! We love those cookies, by the way. They are Biscoff and are tasty with lemon curd (I like them best plain, dipped in hot tea). What a wonderful adventure! We have one coming up as well. Wish you could be there!


  2. Dallas and the Brown’s house Hittys were delighted to spend time with Hitty Jean and so many Hitty friends in Kansas City… this was a wonderful way to remember the fun of being together… Dallas loves it when she can get together with Hitty sisters who once lived with her … though never for long it seemed.


  3. Hi Martha, I just spoke with Carol Porter (we were on the phone for more than an hour at least) and she forwarded your link. She told me about the exciting, fun and interesting time you all had and from the truly wonderful photos you took, I can see clearly what she is talking about. I wish I had been a Hitty dolls tucked away in a pocket or purse. – Years ago when the new wing had its opening at the museum, Barbara Marshall invited me to come to the opening but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. I have regretted this ever since and one day hope to make the trip.

    The picture you took of the little Velazquez painting looks so much better than the one I took myself before Barbara Marshall purchased it. It was nice to get to see the painting again.

    Hitty hugs and regards,

    Hanna Hyland


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