When Mamie was Unwell

Mamie wasn’t feeling well, so Great Aunt Doll went to help. Having a friend who cares can be the best medicine! They shared news of friends from afar:

Aunt Doll warmed up the bed so Mamie could rest a while:

Then Aunt Doll made herself busy making some nourishing soup. Surely that would help Mamie to feel better!

True, the soup was delicious…..but the favorite cure-all at Mamie’s house is a glass of Baileys! Aunt Doll agreed it was worth a try:

(Chocolate helps too!)

Happily, Mamie was not gravely ill and soon felt much better.

Was it the soup? Or the Baileys? Or perhaps the tlc from a close friend?

‘Til next time…


PS- Spider!


13 thoughts on “When Mamie was Unwell

  1. Aunt doll did it!!! Her visit was all that Mamie needed. It could be she had a case of winter doldrums…anyhow, great company was the right medication! Now all she thinks about is getting ready for Sturbridge and more of Aunt doll and friends ❤️


  2. We’re positive it’s the friend visit that makes all the difference!
    Brown’s house Hittys are traveling to Cleveland this week to talk about Hitty ..and share past experiences🌞 Then we see you soon!


  3. That ws great. . an so many lovely things to see . I am glad she recovers as Sturbridge is coming along pretty fast. . I hope they both come.


    Love bj >


  4. That was very sweet and kind of Great Aunt Doll to tend her sick friend. Good friends are treasures! Love the post.

    ❤️❤️❤️ Esther

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